How do I book a trip with Capt. Seth?
Give me a call or email me with the best time to contact you along with your contact info. (daytime, nighttime, and/or cell phone numbers).  I'll call you at my first opportunity.

What should I bring with me on the boat?
I encourage my clients to bring hats, sunglasses, sunblock, cameras, food, and drinks (beer is fine in cans or plastic bottles and not in excess.)

Do I need a fishing license?
No, I provide proper licenses with snook stamps for up to four people.

What should I wear?
During fall, winter, and spring I would recommend to step outside and dress for those temperatures, then add a sweater and/or windbreaker, for it can be cooler on the water.  As for the summer months, Florida's sun can be intense, so where light breathable clothes; shorts and cotton shirts are recommended.  Please No black soled shoes that can leave scuff marks on the deck.

What type of fishing can I expect?
I specialize in inshore/near shore light tackle fishing.  Light tackle will be matched against the strongest and toughest fish to ensure exciting sport fishing. Fishing may include sight fishing, night fishing, ambush and stalking tactics.

What kind of bait do you use?
I use sardines, threadfin hearing, pinfish, grunts, shrimp, crabs, mullet, blue runners, and an assortment of artificial lures.  If you have a favorite lure feel free to bring it along.

I want to catch a trophy fish...can you make that happen?
Catching a trophy fish is always a possibility, but keep in mind that targeting only big fish may result in fewer fish caught.  The big ones reached their size by being smart, so making them cooperate can be tricky, but definitely can be done.

Do you practice catch and release?
Yes, I practice catch and release, and encourage it.  Fishing pressure is ever increasing due to the growing number of anglers on the water.  Letting fish go along with limits helps alleviate some of that pressure.  Most fish species have bag and size regulations and they will be followed.  However, if you desire to keep a couple for dinner that's quite alright.

Is gratuity expected and how much?
Gratuities are never expected but greatly appreciated.  If the captain worked hard for you, and made the trip enjoyable, you might consider rewarding those efforts.  As far as how much, it depends on what you are comfortable with, but 15%-20% is standard.

Book a charter fishing trip now with Capt. Seth Leto, and experience a day on the water you will not soon forget!

Email: capt.seth@yahoo.com or Call: 727.385.0382
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